Keynote Speakers

Professor Sarvvas Tassou

Brunel University and Director of Institute Energy Futures, UNITED KINGDOM.

Professor in Brunel University and Director of Institute Energy Futures with Research area(s):

  • Environmental control systems for buildings - both active and passive technologies (Refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump systems, heat recovery, systems driven by renewable sources).
  • Development and application of modelling techniques and control strategies for the thermal design, performance prediction and control of refrigeration and HVAC equipment.
  • Food refrigeration including supermarket refrigeration and environmental control systems and unitary equipment.
  • Energy systems including tri-generation and renewable energy technologies.
  • Heat transfer and heat exchangers.
  • Wastewater filtration.

Professor Eric Wang

National Tsing Hua University in TAIWAN, and Nanjing Forestry University, CHINA.

Prof Eric has expertise in Usability, Industrial Safety and Health, Ergonomics, Online Consumer Behaviour. Prof Eric's current research interests include human factors/ergonomics, human- computer interaction, system usability, web-based consumer behaviours, aviation ergonomics, ergonomics in healthcare system, and anthropometry.

Assoc Prof. Dr. Weerapon Thongma

Maejo University International College, THAILAND.

Vice president university Council and International Relationship, Acting Dean Maejo University International College.

Prof. David Reeve

Deputy Director of ACICIS

David Reeve has been visiting Indonesia for fifty years, since 1969, as a diplomat, researcher, lecturer and project manager. He has worked at six Indonesian universities. He is Deputy Director of ACICIS, which places Australian students in Indonesian universities. He is retired from UNSW. He writes on Indonesian politics, language and pop culture, and is currently completing a biography of Indonesian historian Onghokham.

Prof. Tan Sri Dato' Mohd. Shukri Ab Yajid

President of Management and Science University, Malaysia